Glass Press Molding Technology

The Nanotech 170GPM is a glass press molding machine designed for precision glass optic applications in both wafer and individual lens form. It features a single molding chamber with a 170mm diameter capacity. This machine complements Nanotech’s 450UPL and 650FG systems which can be configured for ultra-precision grinding of mold components in various materials such as WC and SiC. Together, the combination of systems forms a next generation glass press molding cell.

Glass Press Molding Technology

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Single 170mm Diameter Chamber

Tungsten Carbide Floating Mold Set


Major Upgrades

  • Chamber size increased from 140 to 170 mm diameter
  • Maximum pressing force increased from 25 to 40 kN
  • Maximum vacuum increased from 1300 to 0.6 Pa
  • Heating capacity increased from 8.5 kW to 19.2 kW
  • Nitrogen flow capacity increased to 500 liters per minute
  • All new robust Controller & Software for industrial reliability
Additional Features

  • New PID cooling cycle
  • Operation and maintenance simplified by reduction of wear parts by 25%
  • Lamp life monitoring
  • Lamp cartridge design for quick lamp changes
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