Nanotech HDL-2600 Factory Options


Tool Holder

A multi-position tool post with two adjustable tool holders that allow fine adjustment of the tool point relative to the work piece centerline in the Y direction. Adjustment range is ±2.5 mm. There is space provided for customer supplied block tooling.


Mist System

To provide lubricant to the work piece and cutting tool during machining, an adjustable mist system is provided. This is powered by compressed air and it also serves to direct the cutting chip away from the cutting tool and toward the chip extractor.


Video Observation System

The camera system has zoom capability to allow close up viewing of the tool, chip and touch off process. The display monitor may be remotely located from the control to allow viewing outside the machine enclosure.


On Machine Drum Balancing System

The in-situ drum balancing system includes a series of movable weights, integral to the four jaw chuck assembly, to allow for coarse balance adjustment and a series of smaller fine adjustment screws for trim balancing. Vibration sensors are mounted on the headstock and tailstock spindles to alert the operator when the vibration is above a predetermined limit.


Thermal Monitoring System

Provides ultra high resolution thermal monitoring and data logging.  System resolution is 0.005°C.  The system is capable of simultaneously displaying 16 channels of critical thermal data, on the operator screen or wireless device. This includes data provided by embedded thermistors at crucial machine locations, including the machine base, each linear and rotary motion axis, oil supply, ambient air, and several probes that can be positioned at customer defined locations.


Temperature Controlled Air Shower Supply Unit

The air shower consists of a temperature controlled air supply unit which will deliver air at a temperature of 20°C with ±0.1°C variation as measured with a 10 sec sample period. This option includes a floor standing enclosure with flexible vinyl walls that will surround the machine and provide access for customer supplied crane and storage of drum so that it can acclimate to cutting temperature. Temperature controlled air is distributed to the top of the enclosure and it exits at floor level. The enclosure is on wheels so that it can be moved.


Rotary Tooling Axis (B-axis)

The rotary axis for adjusting angle of the tool relative to the workpiece surface is an oil hydrostatic design with 360° bi-directional motion and under full control of the machine control system. This axis is mounted on the X axis carriage. Resolution of the B-axis is 0.019 arc seconds and bi-directional angular positioning repeatability is ±0.0005° (±2 arc seconds).


Chip Evacuation System

This system consists of a floor mounted vacuum system with a large transparent collection drum and vacuum gage. A pickup nozzle is mounted so that it can be positioned above the cutting tool, and a hose is supplied to connect the nozzle to the vacuum. The chip suction hose and nozzle are mounted at the centerline of the B axis and will not interfere with small angular changes.


Dual Camera Optical Tool Set Station

The video tool set station is mounted on the riser next to the headstock spindle and this enables a video camera to focus on the top (or rake face) of the diamond tool. The tool set station is mounted on the machine with a ram type arm and can be moved away during part loading and machining. The video system is fully integrated with the machine control system allowing the tool image to be displayed on the operator screen. Software is provided that enables the operator to determine the position and radius of a circular nose tool. It can also be used to determine the edge location and included angle of a ‘V’ shaped tool relative to the radius tool. The video tool setting system utilizes a second camera to enable viewing and setting of tools mounted in a horizontal orientation. This feature allows for measurements and setting of tools used in a ruling application.


Video Microscopy for roll inspection

This enables the operator to visually inspect the surface of the entire drum using a video microscope. A video camera with an appropriate lens can be mounted on the X axis or B axis so it can image the drum surface. The X axis and C axis can be used to move the drum relative to the camera to inspect any part of the surface. The video system is fully integrated with the machine control system so that the surface image is displayed on the operator screen. This enables the system to make coarse measurements of the microstructure features.


Metrology Package

This consists of an electronic indicator, amplifier and magnetic base which is used to aid in the alignment of drums, establishing tool center, and general machine maintenance. The system measurement resolution is 0.1 µm. The system includes a remote wireless operator screen for ease of use with large size drums. The operator interface can be displayed on the main control screen or remote wireless device.


Fast Tool Servo

Several variations of short-range, high bandwidth tool actuators that enable the machining of non-rotationally symmetric features on the surface of the drum, are available. All versions offer high reliability, and are designed for production environments. The tool servo will mount on the X axis (or B axis) and depending on version, will servo the tool in the X or Z plane. All units interface with the machine control system to allow commanded movement via motion control programs. Contact MNTS Sales group for further information regarding the FTS system that is best for your specific application.