Our highly structured yet flexible service strategy is designed to provide our customers with a solution tailored to their unique needs and their individual situation. As part of our strategy, we believe there are four essential functions that we can provide to help ensure our customers achieve the absolute highest return on their investment.



Highly efficient group of applications engineering professionals who work with users on their approach to individual part production and the required machining strategies.



A dedicated group of professionals from multiple disciplines focused on the most difficult industry problems and establishing best practice processes to solve them.



A robust educational teaching curriculum supported by seasoned staff members who train users to produce a quality product, produce it efficiently, and do so safely.



Factory trained service engineers with extraordinary troubleshooting skills located in the countries and geopraphies we serve.


Our applications engineers are an essential bridge and provide key inputs into the design and development of new and novel approaches to part manufacturing. Whether it is a reduction in processing time, a surface quality issue or a form factor error, our Engineers deploy a systematic, yet creative approach to solving the challenge.

Customers can benefit from centers of applications engineering expertise located in their local markets. With expanded local capabilities in both China and Taiwan, together with our US-based team, Nanotech has developed a comprehensive capability that our users can depend on when they need it.


We live in a fast-paced world. Getting a product to market timely can be the difference between market leading success or me-too failure. That’s why Nanotech is investing in process development research at our state-of-the-art Process Development Center in Charlotte, NC. Our multi-disciplinary team understands having the best ultra-precision machines and metrology is necessary, but not sufficient for success.

We are developing solutions for the most difficult, industry-wide challenges in ultraprecision manufacturing so you don’t have to. The result, our customers get products to market faster with higher efficiency and less disruption.


Nanotech’s approach to training combines classroom instruction with essential hands-on diamond turning experience in our state-of-the-art training lab. It is designed to teach students the concepts they’ll need to produce high quality parts efficiently manufactured in a safe manner independent of the particular end-market their employer serves.

The training programs are organized into introductory, intermediate, and advanced categories to align with the changing needs of students as their experience and capability grow. Whether it’s a new hire that has never used a diamond turning machine before, or a seasoned veteran that wants to learn the latest advancements in machining techniques, our goal is to share subject matter expertise and shorten the ramp to productivity.

NanoCARE (Service and Aftermarket Support)

Installation and commissioning of one of our Ultra-Precision Machining systems is simply one step in the overall process. We maintain a highly skilled group of trained service engineers in order to provide our customers with the most experienced worldwide support. From Preventative Maintenance services to technical troubleshooting, we are committed to keeping your Nanotech systems operating at their highest level of performance.

We offer a variety of post installation service packages specifically designed for a client base as diverse as ours. From basic service to premium, onsite urgent care, we offer a plan and package for every situation. We also stock essential spare parts in critical locations across the world to ensure more timely access and greater machine up time and return on investment.

We Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction in Everything We Do