Large Capacity Horizontal Drum Lathe

This machine is available in two versions: the HDL2600-SD or HDL2600-HD. Both are extra large capacity ultra-precision machining systems used for single point diamond turning advanced optical surfaces along the diameter of large generation drums. Featuring high stiffness oil hydrostatic head stock and programmable CNC controlled W-axis tail stock, this machine accepts drums up to 650mm diameter and a maximum length of 3100mm (between chuck faces). Weight capacity 1800 Kg on SD (Standard Duty) vs 3000 Kg on HD (Heavy Duty). Maximum optical cutting zone length is 2600mm.

Large Capacity Horizontal Drum Lathe

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Oil Hydrostatic B-axis Tooling Configuration


Increased Optical Cutting Zone

Increased max optical cutting zone on drum from 2000 to 2600mm. Maximum length of drum increased to 3100mm between chuck faces.

Universal Design

Improved flexibility with a new common base design and HPU cabinet that readily allows us to provide the Standard SD or Heavy Duty HD version by simply upgrading both head stock and tail stock spindles at the factory.

Overall Weight Reductions

Reduced total machine weight:

HDL2600 SD – 20,000Kg (including max allowable drum weight of 1,800Kg)

HDL2600 HD – 22,500Kg (including max allowable drum weight of 3,000Kg)

(Previous generation HDL2000 was 23,300Kg and 29,400Kg respectively)

Open Access / Maintenance

Elimination of large full length granite “back wall” riser for easy access to all sides of the system.

New Environmental Enclosure Design

Larger pneumatically operated opening to ease loading and unloading of large drums. New enclosure design also engineered to minimize installation time at customer’s facility.

Faster Z-axis Feedrate

Increased Z axis linear motor velocity from 20,000mm/min to 30,000mm/min for improved cycle times.

Robust Cable Management Carriage

Re-Engineered Cable Carriage Management System motor to enhance reliability / performance. Cable carriage synchronized with Z-axis linear motion to eliminate any influence.

Lower Spindle Centerline Heights

Facilitates technician access to drum, lowered height of spindle centerlines and overall machine height.

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