Nanotech 650FG V2 Freeform Generator


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Most Versatile Freeform Generator. This latest generation of our true flag ship machine has been proven worldwide to be the most flexible, precise, and user friendly ultra precision freeform diamond turning system available.  With a minimum of three precision linear X, Y, and Z axes, the 650FGv2 is expandable to a five-axis system via optional B & C rotary axes. With the main work spindle centrally integrated within an oil hydrostatic Y-axis carriage, advanced machining methods such as raster flycutting of linear diffractives and freeforms, micro-prismatic optical structures, micro-milling of aspheric lens arrays as well as Slow Slide Servo (S3) machining of toric, biconic surfaces are achievable.

NanoSMART® Windows Based Interactive HMI Control System
A high speed 64 bit Delta Tau PowerPMAC Motion Controller with the Nanotech's own touch / swipe gesture HMI, NanoSMART.  Three customizable 22" wide screens are accessible by swiping left or right from the main screen. Ability to handle 5GB program file sizes, 4X faster processing speeds, remote diagnostics and a leading 8 picometer feedback resolution combine to make the new Nanotech 650FGv2 the most user friendly high performance multi-axis diamond turning system available.  We welcome you to experience the difference for yourself!

Mechanical Design Strengths
This machine uses the same FEA optimized base structure as our 450UPLv2 , but with the major difference of a vertical oil hydrostatic Y-axis within which the main work spindle is symmetrically integrated.  The 650FGv2  features independent hydrostatic oil bearing box style slide ways on X, Y, & Z linear axes with linear motor drives that provide dynamically stiff and well damped motions. Our athermalized spindle mounting technique combined with a standard closed-loop chiller with temperature controlled solution circulating around the motor and bearing journals, enhances long term thermal stability of the system.

Unique Y-axis Design Proven Exceptional
Utilizes dual linear motors and an adaptively controlled, slot-compensated air bearing counterbalance assembly for optimal servo control of variable loads up to 85Kg (185 lbs @ 100psi) even with the Y-axis active. With the work spindle symmetry, the Y-axis carriage overall loop stiffness, reduced Abbe error, and proven thermal stability during lengthy raster machining cycles are unmatched in the industry. (see Features & Benefits Brochure)

Exclusive "Impact Resistant" Air Bearing Work Spindle
This ideal center mounted thrust plate design, engineered for both heavy loads and high throughput applications, includes the exclusive added durability benefits of porous graphite.  Motion accuracies are guaranteed to less than 12.5nm throughout its 10,000 rpm speed range with total liquid cooling for long term thermal stability.  

For a list of accessories available for this diverse machine, please visit our Factory Options and Additional Accessories pages.





























Nanotech 650FG v2

Micro milled Aspheric Lens Array


Benefits & Features Brochure

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Form & Finish Always Measured on the Same Surface, After the Same Pass 

Diamond Turned XZ Standard Test Part
Form: 0.066µm PV             Finish: 1.003nm Ra

Diamond Turned YZ Standard Test Part
Form: 0.068µm PV             Finish: 0.938nm Ra