Most Compact Diamond Turning Lathe

Used for the rapid production of spherical & aspheric optical lenses, mirrors, mold pins, freeform optics and even mechanical components. If your application fits within a 350mm diameter window (with optional riser package), this machine may be the ideal solution for your ultra precision needs.

Ultra Precision CNC 2-4 Axis Diamond Turning Lathe

Diamond Turned Reflectors

Aspheric Nickel Mold Pins


Always measured on the same surface, after same finish pass.

Sub-nanometer Surfaces Finishes, Sub-micron Form
Directly Off the Machine in a Wide Variety of Materials!


Diamond Turned XZ Standard Acceptance Test Part

Form Accuracy: 0.044μm PV

Surface Finsh: 0.732nm Ra

Benefits & Features

Optional C Rotary with Linear Y or Rotary B Axis

Expansion of the basic 2-axis system is simple. One can have up to 4 axes of continuous path motion via the addition of C & B or C & Y. The C-axis motion control of the work spindle enables toric, biconic, and other freeform surfaces to be machined “on-axis” via our Slow Slide Servo (S3) process. Our Air Bearing Rotary B or removable Oil Hydrostatic Vertical Linear Y-axis can be configured independently on the Z-axis carriage for future added flexibility.

Mechanical Design Strengths

The upper enclosure is engineered to overlap the inner protective stainless steel apron of the system keeping all swarf / coolant within the desired machining area. Large dual sliding doors allow easy access to the entire work area. Both sliding doors overlap when closed and then simply slide to a “full open” position for easy cleaning / maintenance of the machine’s entire interior. This system has a natural granite base structure with passive air isolation system. High stiffness and low profile “box-way” style oil hydrostatic slide ways with linear motor drives are engineered into a low center of gravity framework for maximum mechanical stability.

Exclusive “Impact Resistant” Air Bearing Work Spindle

This ideal center mounted thrust plate design, engineered for both heavy loads and high throughput applications, now includes the added benefits of porous graphite. Motion accuracies are guaranteed to less than 12.5nm throughout its 10,000 rpm speed range with total liquid cooling for long term thermal stability.

NanoSMART® Windows Based Interactive HMI Control System

This high speed 64 bit Delta Tau PowerPMAC motion controller features the industry’s first touch / swipe gesture “smart” screen display. 5GB program file size capability, 4X faster processing speeds, rapid programming editing functions and an industry leading 8 picometer feedback resolution. Three customizable 22″ wide screens are accessible by swiping left or right keeping all the information you need at your finger tips. We also have a dedicated Ethernet / LAN connection for full remote diagnostics. We welcome you to experience the difference for yourself!

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