Optically Precise NanoCAM4®

The only Ultra-Precision Programming Software You’ll Ever Need!

Ultra-Precision Symmetric & Freeform Programming Software Specifically Developed for the Optics Industry

N4 is the result of decades of customer interactions, diamond turning industry expertise and a belief that the future of our industry demanded a more complete easy to use programming package. N4 compliments the many advanced capabilities of Nanotech’s systems of today and in the future. It will strengthen your ultra precision programming skills and assist in enabling your machining systems to reach their highest level of potential.

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An Optical Elliptical Cone — From Programming to Finished Product

Only NanoCAM4 has the advanced capability of programming this complex shape utilizing the multi-axis capabilities of our 650FGv2 system. Watch machining video here: Elliptical cone.wmv


2-Axis Diamond Turning

Sample of Main Features:

• Import & Export Step, IGES and Point Clouds
• Asphere / Forbes Programming
• Multi-segment Axisymmetric
• Surface Analysis / Filtering
• 2D Measurement Correction
• Collision Detection / Avoidance
• Toolpath Simulation / Analysis
• Filleting

3-Axis Diamond Turning

All 2T Features Plus:

• Freeform / Off Axis Asphere / Toric
• Aspheric Lens Arrays
• Biconic / Polynomial / Zernike
• Sine / Cosine Waveform
• Steady X, Oscillating XZ, Dseg
• XZB Toolpath Programming
• Surface combining & morphing
• Smooth linking controls
• NFTS-6000 Fast Tool Servo


3-Axis Milling / Turning

All 3T Features Plus:
(with numerous milling tool types)

• XZB Milling
• XYZ Raster Milling
• XYZ Raster Flycutting
• XYZ Spiral Milling
• XYZ Ruling

6-Axis Milling / Turning

All 3MT Features Plus:

• 4 – 6-Axis Turning
• 4 – 6-Axis Milling
• 4 – 6-Axis Ruling

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